Darshan Das Ji

Darshan Das Ji

A Massiha is born to shower the world with peace. The founder of Das Dharam, the divine emissary translucent spiritual leader, His Holiness Huzur Mahraz Darshan Das Ji manifested upon this earth on 7th December 1953 in a small Industrial town called Batala in Punjab to parents Pandit Jagan Nath and Mata Chanan Dei. They named their son Darshan Lal Vasudev. Unaware were the parents, that their son had come to initiate a new Spiritual Humanitarian Mission.

Darshan Lal Vasudev’s first real spiritual revelation took place in 1966 when he was just 13 years old. His Holiness at the time decided to reject the calling, for he felt he was too young and was not fully prepared.

His Holiness was just 17 years old, he had recently moved to Jalandhar to begin work as an office clerk in the finance department of an Engineering plant. On 9th of July 1971, whilst at work, His Holiness had a vision of great spiritual intensity. The Lord spoke to His Holiness and said “Son this is not the task that I have sent you to perform. You are sent to give my divine message, to awaken souls to the truth, to heal the sick and show them the path to spirituality.” On 15th August, 1971 His Holiness performed his first spiritual discourse. It was on this day that His Holiness changes name from Darshan Lal Vasudev to Darshan Das. Das means one who serves, His Holiness came to serve humanity. From that moment forward His Holiness’s spiritual duties commenced and that auspicious day became known as, The Day of Enlightenment (JYOTI DIWAS) within the Mission.

His Holiness Sahaj Avtar Huzur Mahraz Darshan Das Ji came to this world, to bestow the sacred jewel of Guru Mantra Yoga, upon devotees of Das Dharam. He himself was a Puran Yogi who had perfected the art of meditation. He inspired thousands to practise and meditate upon the Holy Guru Mantra. He began a global movement of promoting spiritual awareness, of the sacred spiritual tradition of Guru Mantra Yoga through his spiritual discourses His Holiness would passionately speak on the subject matter-of enlightenment. His Holiness would say “Enlightenment is real, and that the seeds of enlightenment plants are put in every single being. No matter who you are or what your background is. You can in the right circumstances and with the correct training realize the true nature of yourselves. That which is immune to death, never changing and eternally pure.” That was his promise to all devotees of Das Dharam.

His Holiness’s spiritual duties had commenced with great vigour and enthusiasm. He traveled to many towns and cities around Punjab performing spiritual discourses. In 1973 His Holiness established the first Dera Sahib at Batala, Punjab. His Holiness travelled extensively and eventually his travels brought Him, to Delhi. On 30th January 1977, in Ghaziabad, His Holiness Huzur Mahraz Darshan Das established the second Dera Sahib. Regular spiritual discourses and kirtan were performed there. There are many stories told of miracles taking place at Dera Sahib. It was on the grounds of this sacred Dera Sahib, that on the 16th February, 1980 His Holiness established Das Dharam for the upliftment of the society by eradicating the evil forces, which divide the society on the basis of caste, creed and faith. To mark this occasion he issued the following holy edict:

‘Bhool Gayo Vachhan Guruon Ke,
Diyo Fir Samjhaiee,
Das Dharam Chaliyo Phir Kalmahe
Jis De Sain Darshan Agam Gosain.

(Yashwanti Niradhar Dham I)


He proclaimed that, “He who embraces Das Dharam shall be called DEV (Angle) and he will be spared for the cycle of birth & rebirths and shall merge with and become a part of SACHKHAND and abode of ALMIGHTY”. Das Dharam believes in the unity and love for all the creatures of God, as all the living beings in this universe are created by the almighty and have the right to co-exist. By virtue of divine powers He was respected by one and all. Many devotees had the glimpse of Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Guru Nanak and Jesus Christ in HIM.

He often advised his followers to be in love with the NAAM given by him and not His physical presence. The body is mortal and death is a real and ultimate happening, it must come. He advised His disciples to follow the doctrine of love, peace, unity and sacrifice for the sake of others. He declared himself as a messenger of God and the servant of the mankind. He was strongly against the use of injustice in any form.

Looking at the expansion of the Mission Huzur Mahraz Darshan Das Ji anointed ‘Babajis as local spiritual heads in India and U.K. to perform the same duties as He did Himself. His teachings have attracted people of different religions, castes and faiths, from all over the world. While he was talking to his followers and disciples after holding a religious discourse on 11th November, 1987, at the Dormer School Hall in South Hall, London, He was assassinated along with two of His followers (Baba Satwant Singh Ji and Chacha Joga Singh Ji).

Mahraz Charwinda Das Teer Tarakkari Ji was anointed as His successor by Satguru Mahraz Darshan Das Ji by issuing a Hukamnama from U.K. much before his assassination. The new Head of the Mission, Mahraz Charwinda Das Teer Tarakkari ji continues to take the Mission Das Dharam to new heights as per the humanitarian principles of His Guru Sahaz Avtar Mahraz Darshan Das Ji.

Das Dharam is the science of connection an individual soul has with the creator. This becomes possible only through the spiritual teachings and guidance of a living Spiritual Master. A spiritual practitioner is initiated in Holy Naam (Guru Mantra). The Das Dharam is founded upon Bhakti and Shakti. The spiritual aspirant shall first perform Bhakti, through meditation, kirtan, singing praises of the Lord, and listening to spiritual discourses. Once the spiritual practitioner has received full grace and shakti from the Lord, he will perform selfless service, Sewa for the whole of the humanity.

Das Dharam is not a fossilized ritualistic tradition, but an active spiritual tradition which empowers transformation from within the soul. Das Dharam empowers a spiritual practitioner with strength, truth, tolerance and courage to confront and overcome the barriers placed upon him by their past Karma and the mind. The mind-Mann is a negative power which resides in the human body within the actual mind frame. It is very powerful, but is not independent for it has become the slave of the senses. Spiritually weak people are controlled by this mind, the Mann and the senses. The soul becomes a passenger in the body vehicle of the spiritually weak. The body is over run by the mind, Mann and the senses. It is mind, Mann which performs the many deeds and actions which transform into Karma. The result of these Karmas is that the soul also has to reap the fruit of what the mind-Mann has done. Be it good or bad because, they are both associated with one body. Das Dharam provides all with a practical path to spiritual teachings of Das Dharam with truth and commitment, that inner transformation can truly occur. Only then can we become true Das, strength of humanity. Das Dharam follows the philosophy of “Simple living and high thinking” Spiritual practitioners who follow the path of Das Dharam strive for a moral life style, which adheres to a vegetarian diet free from intoxicating drugs, including alcohol or nicotine. Das Dharam provides the spiritual practitioner with an active way to live, for a higher purpose, spiritually, socially, morally and physically. It allows the soul to expand and express itself free from the bonds of the mind through the many activities initiated within Das Dharam. These activities empower a spiritual practitioner to bring forth change from within.

Das Dharam helps spiritual practitioners in two manners, one to see their own inner divine nature and the other to see the nature of the world. Truth flows from understanding and comprehending these two features. Then one is inspired to change from everyday comfort zones and personal identities, to explore the great unknown power of the soul and the relationship it has with the Lord. Once you have a grasp of these two realities, only then you can become a true Das whose mind is not tainted with hatred or selfishness. When all are seen as one and love will bloom for all, only then can selfless service be rendered to humanity.